September 2012 Cellwatch Newsletter

Thanks to ongoing demand for our products and services, we continue to experience positive growth and will be moving our US headquarters to bigger digs across town.

We’re moving across town!


Thanks to ongoing demand for our products and services, we continue to experience positive growth and will be moving our US headquarters to bigger digs across town.

We first opened our US office in Raleigh, NC in a shared space on Glenwood Avenue in 1999, and we’ll be moving back to a location just up the road from that space. This time we will have smart new offices of our own with ample conference space to better accommodate our training programs and partner meetings. We will also be close to many hotels, restaurants and the Raleigh-Durham airport. Our team is well prepared to move the weekend of September 29th, so we are not anticipating any disruption to our business. Please update your records with the new address and come by and visit.

4112 Blue Ridge Road, Suite 200
Raleigh, NC 27612

Our fax and phone numbers will remain the same.

Cellwatch Component Enhancements

The team here at NDSL is constantly upgrading components of the Cellwatch battery monitoring system. In the last few years we have updated, launched the Cellwatch EX product and improved our control unit with optical isolation. This year we are fulfilling our engineers’ ambition of having a solid-state iBMU. With no moving parts, both the mechanical drive and the fan were eliminated; this iBMU provides greater reliability and performance, and never a need for maintenance. This more robust iBMU is smaller and easier to handle, pack and ship, and has two TCP/IP ports to allow separate remote network access and integration with management systems.



At the same time, we are introducing a new improved current transducer for US and Asian markets. The most visible change you’ll see in the new Current Transducer (CT) is the color – the new version is black. The Black CT still meets the same specification, connects the same way, and is factory calibrated just like the Red CT. To ensure uniformity when ordering replacements or expansion components, be sure to indicate the Date Code of the Control Unit (CU) so we can ensure we supply the same version CT. When repairs or replacements are needed, we’ll replace like for like: Red CT for Red CT and Black CT for Black CT. Please contact technical support if you have any questions.

Submit Battery Warranty Claims Faster and Easier

NDSL now offers a new Battery Warranty Report tool for all Cellwatch users. This tool enables you to quickly generate a Battery Warranty Report for failed or failing batteries still under warranty. With a few simple clicks, users can obtain voltage and ohmic value data for the specific jar or jars that are failing and enter company specific information into the form. The user can then either print the form or save the form as a PDF to email to the battery manufacturer.

The Battery Warranty Report eliminates a service call to identify and confirm the failing battery– improving service response times and reducing costs. For more information and to see how easy it is to create a warranty report, click here.

Read our latest whitepaper recently posted on

This white paper, developed in partnership with a long-time Cellwatch customer, highlights several key cost savings provided by the Cellwatch system. These benefits are analyzed financially to calculate the cost savings, as well as, return on initial investment timing for the customer. With Cellwatch, this customer is saving $71,000 over a 5-year period. Your savings may be even greater, read how:

A mission critical protection investment that pays you back


Do you want to learn how to fully utilize your Cellwatch system? Enter the Cellwatch Training Zone


We want our customers to get the maximum benefit from their Cellwatch system and we believe high quality training is the key. If you manage a large number of batteries or oversee multiple sites this training is specifically tailored to help you utilize the Cellwatch system to your advantage. Our End User training program offers hands-on experience enabling participants to gain a comprehensive understanding of the entire system. You will learn the functionality of all the Cellwatch components, how they are inter-connected, communicate, and deliver critical battery data. The training also provides detailed instruction on how to quickly review the status of your battery, how to identify problems, plus how to analyze the data provided by the system. We also provide information on the most common battery issues and how to troubleshoot them. We host installer training classes at our Raleigh, NC and Milton Keynes, UK offices each month and travel to customer sites for more customer-specific end user requirements. When held at the customer’s location, and the customer agrees, the instructor can use the customer’s iBMU to review and analyze the battery performance as part of the training. For schedule, agenda and pricing information, click here.