NDSL Introduces Cellwatch Frontier Electrolyte Level Detector

NDSL, makers of the Cellwatch battery monitoring system, introduced the Cellwatch Frontier Electrolyte Level Detector (FED). The Cellwatch FED automatically monitors the electrolyte level of each jar in flooded battery applications.

The latest addition to the Frontier line of battery monitoring components, the Frontier FED was designed to complete the requirements for the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Standard PRC-005-2 for stationary battery monitoring. It substantially reduces the cost of manual maintenance making it easy for users of flooded cells to monitor electrolyte levels without going to a site.

“Real time battery monitoring is especially important for utility and energy operators allowing them to better manage resources and comply with NERC Standards,” said Earl Philmon, CEO of NDSL. “Cellwatch Frontier and the Frontier Electrolyte level Detector simplify their efforts and ensure their compliance. A number of utilities are already utilizing Cellwatch to maximize their time and resources, eliminate the risk of downtime due to batteries, and now they can decrease their cost of compliance even more by automating electrolyte level monitoring with the Cellwatch FED.”

The Cellwatch FED is extremely accurate and is simple to install and remove if the battery needs to be replaced.  LED lights on the face of the sensor indicate if electrolyte levels are low and direct site operators right to the battery in question so the issue can be addressed. The electrolyte level information is also available via an integrated webpage and is included in the automated reports generated by the Frontier unit.

For more information, please visit cellwatch.com/nerc or contact US or UK Sales. In the US: 1-919-790-7877, press 2 for sales. In the UK: +44 (0)1908 303 730.