NDSL Announces ATEX Certification for its Cellwatch Data Collection Module

NDSL, makers of the Cellwatch battery monitoring system, announces new ATEX certification for its Cellwatch Data Collection Module, DCM5, for use in hazardous explosive atmospheres. This certification is critically important to petrochemical, shipping and manufacturing industries because it allows these companies to monitor their mission critical batteries utilizing the latest technology. Cellwatch ATEX DCM5 components comply with the strict standards set forth by the EU and meet essential requirements for safety.

Achieving ATEX certification required months of third-party testing and evaluations to validate
that the Cellwatch DCM5 complies and can safely be used in hazardous environments. All
products with this certification are marked with the ATEX product code: Ex nA IIC T4 Gc.

“Cellwatch is leading the industry by introducing new battery monitoring solutions,” said Earl
Philmon, CEO of NDSL. “This is a critical market need and we felt it was important to introduce
a solution utilizing our highest precision monitoring technology. This product provides daily
battery health assessments with continuous real-time battery monitoring for our customers in
petrochemical, shipping and manufacturing, and other industries. It was essential that we obtain
this certification so customers could safely and effectively monitor all of their critical batteries
including those in hazardous areas.”

ATEX Certified DCM5s are labeled ATEX DCM5 and marked with the ‘Ex’ symbol on the metal