Lights, Camera, Action! Cellwatch videos available

Check out our new videos that demonstrate the capability and ease of use of the Cellwatch System. As demonstrated in the videos, Cellwatch battery monitoring provides unprecedented insight into the health and behavior of each battery to prevent unplanned outages.

Cellwatch System Configuration

This dynamic flash demonstration illustrates how easily Cellwatch is configured and highlights the technical advantages of Cellwatch battery monitoring systems. The Cellwatch demo introduces data center operators to the many benefits of daily battery monitoring with Cellwatch.

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Introduction to Cellwatch – Part 1
System Hierarchy, Accessing Information, Scanning and Alarms

Cellwatch is an automated battery monitoring system that runs 24 hours a day to prevent the risk of unplanned outages due to battery failure.

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Introduction to Cellwatch – Part 2
Historical Data and Discharge Events Graphing

Cellwatch captures battery measurement data every hour of every day. This information is extremely valuable for the operator to detect changes in battery health and provide a reference for variations that can occur over time.

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Battery Warranty Reporting Tool Tutorial

This tool enables the Cellwatch user to quickly create a failing battery report to submit to the battery manufacturer. This video will show how easy it is to install and use the Battery Warranty Report tool.

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