Announcing Cellwatch 4.0

Cellwatch 4.0 Accelerates Alarm Management Process and Data Management for Time- and Cost-savings in Large Data Center Environments

NDSL, Maker of Cellwatch Battery Monitoring Solutions, Enhances Cellwatch Software to Make Monitoring and Predicting Battery Performance Even Easier.

RALEIGH, NC – (March 11, 2013)- NDSL today announced a new release of Cellwatch, the leading battery monitoring solution to prevent unplanned outages for mission critical backup power systems. Cellwatch 4.0 features an enhanced user interface, expanded graphing functionality, and data manager application among other new capabilities designed to save data center administrators a significant amount of time managing their batteries and reducing maintenance costs.

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“We are excited to introduce the newest release of Cellwatch. After many months of trials in large-scale data centers, we know we have appropriately responded to our customer’s needs for an even more comprehensive battery management tool. We have greatly simplified the configuration process especially for customers with large numbers of batteries,” said, Earl Philmon, NDSL CEO. “In Cellwatch 4.0, advanced automation features and more intuitive data graphing lead to better end-user response to battery conditions and create a better end user experience for the prevention of downtime. With other systems, deploying a battery monitoring system in an environment with thousands of batteries has been an onerous manual process.”

Cellwatch 4.0 includes several new capabilities to help data center managers further reduce the complexity of managing their battery assets and eliminate downtime due to battery failure.

  • Graphical User Interface Enhancements – An enhanced UI provides greater visibility into current battery conditions and helps accelerate root cause analysis. Improvements have been made so current status and critical alerts are now highly visible.
  • Data Graphing Upgrades – Several new graphing functions like multi-year graphing and dual axis plotting provide powerful new ways to view and compare battery performance data and to help isolate battery issues to predict future performance.
  • New User Controls – New automated controls streamline the process of programming alarm levels, eliminating the opportunity for human error, and creating significant time savings for installers.
  • Data Management and Reporting Capabilities – A new data management application and reporting tool have been integrated as part of Cellwatch 4.0. The Data Manager allows users to quickly sort through all battery alarms by type, data or status to provide unprecedented visibility for the administrator. This is particularly useful for managers of very large and/or aging battery systems.

“Cellwatch provides critical visibility into the health of our batteries and now with the enhancements of Cellwatch 4.0 it is much easier to access the information needed to make decisions about where our batteries are at risk,” said Eric Kolb, senior electrical engineer at Ascent Corporation.

By upgrading to Cellwatch 4.0, customers will quickly realize the value of their investment in time savings, battery life extension and reduced preventive maintenance costs. NDSL will showcase Cellwatch 4.0 at the upcoming Datacenter Dynamics Conference in New York, March 12th and the Data Center World Show in Las Vegas on April 28th.

All new Cellwatch systems will ship with Cellwatch 4.0 installed. Customers currently running older versions of Cellwatch software can purchase an upgrade by contacting their Cellwatch reseller.