Cellwatch UL-1778 Approval for C&C Power Battery Cabinets

Cellwatch battery monitoring systems have gained regulatory (UL-1778) approval for use in battery cabinets manufactured by C&C Power, Inc., a leading manufacturer of DC power equipment and UPS battery cabinet solutions.

Based in Carol Stream, Illinois, C&C Power produces battery cabinets for Eaton Powerware, Toshiba, Mitsubishi and APC/MGE. “As part of our quality assurance and safety certification, we have obtained regulatory approval for all of our cabinets,” said Will Conrardy, C&C Power CEO. “Our product goals are quality, performance and reliability. The Cellwatch battery monitoring system has not only proved to be highly reliable, it’s the only one that passed the regulatory certification process.”

Conrardy said C&C battery cabinets are used primarily in UPS and telecom applications, and each cabinet is thoroughly tested before shipment. “We pre-install each component and do complete Cellwatch startup and benchmarks for each battery,” he said. “This process saves 90 to 95% of the install time on site. Not only does it ensure quality and performance, it’s a tremendous cost saving for our customers.”