Cellwatch available in Chinese

NDSL adds Chinese to Cellwatch language options

Raleigh, NC (October 29, 2008) – NDSL has added Chinese to the range of available languages for its Cellwatch battery monitoring software. The Chinese Cellwatch software and the Chinese ConfigBuilder program will be included with each system shipped after January 1, 2009. The Cellwatch software is currently available in English and French.

“The addition of Chinese is a natural consequence of the rapid worldwide growth and acceptance of our Cellwatch system,” said David Brown, Cellwatch CEO. “The Cellwatch software in use today made its first appearance in 1999, in a form we would still recognize today. Time-tested and field-proven, the software undergoes any sort of reissue, update or upgrade only every few years. We are very proud of our reputation for well-tried and well-tested products. The Chinese option does not fundamentally change any aspect of the software, it simply allows us to extend our marketing capabilities into a vibrant and rapidly-growing arena.”