Sentinel protects their data centers with Cellwatch battery monitoring

A leading provider of enterprise colocation, Sentinel protects their best-in-class data centers with Cellwatch battery monitoring.

Sentinel Data Centers designs, builds, owns and operates world-class colocation data centers that provide 24×7 uptime for large enterprises. Setting the standard for enterprise colocation, Sentinel exists for one significant reason: to keep companies online securely.

Supporting a large number of Fortune 500 organizations, Sentinel aligns its team of technology experts and unrivaled technology infrastructure to ensure uninterrupted operation for its customer’s mission critical systems. Sentinel’s veteran team of engineers know the impact battery failures can cause and are keenly aware that preventive maintenance alone will not effectively support critical infrastructure. Quarterly maintenance checks only provide insight for proximately one percent of the calendar days in a year—anything can happen in between infrequent tests—leaving operations at risk. That’s why Cellwatch battery monitoring systems are part of Sentinel’s technology solution.

Not only does Cellwatch prevent outages, sending immediate notifications of potential failures, the ROI payoff is substantial. Sentinel’s data center operators know that with many battery technologies, the life expectancy is a guess. Most battery manufacturers recommend replacing 10-year batteries after five years. Cellwatch pays for itself in allowing operators to extend battery life by delaying replacement – saving thousands of dollars in time and capital, without compromising availability.

“Battery monitoring is part of our technology platform. We always operate with a sense of security that an outage will not occur in our data centers. With Cellwatch, we always know the condition of the batteries supporting our loads, and this technology helps provide that same peace of mind to our customers.”

Paul Hines, Vice President – Data Center Operations, Sentinel Data Centers

About Sentinel Data Centers
Sentinel Data Centers, LLC, is a leading owner, developer and operator of multi-tenant, and build-to-suit enterprise-grade data centers.  Founded in 2001, Sentinel was an early pioneer in the “wholesale” data center business. Since its inception, Sentinel has developed more than 1.6 million square feet and 120 megawatts of best-in-class multi-tenant and build-to-suit data center solutions for a diversity of Fortune 500 enterprises across multiple industries, including financial services, healthcare, technology and biotechnology.  Sentinel strives to stay at the forefront of evolving best practices for data center design, development and operation and maintains a flexible and transparent business model that is grounded in customer service. To learn more visit