White Paper: A Mission Critical Protection Investment That Pays You Back

Excerpt: Reliable power protection systems are a major financial investment, but the potential costs of service interruption and unplanned downtime cannot be ignored.

The risk to a company’s bottom line and reputation is real and that risk increases as data center operations grow in importance. Data center operators increasingly recognize the need for investments in power protection but often consider them only from an expense perspective.

This study proves that rather than thinking of them as a necessary evil, some power protection investments can pay for themselves and produce ongoing savings for many years. Investing in a daily battery monitoring system (DBMS) can reduce operating expenses, delay capital expenses and reach a breakeven point in as little as eight months depending on current battery management practices.

The business case for reduced preventive maintenance (PM) operations and extending the life of the battery bank is detailed in the full white paper. The analyses will show that a DBMS deployment is a sound financial investment. The financial benefits compounded by the contribution to business continuity make a DBMS a compelling addition to any data center deployment.

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