Cellwatch 4.0 Download & Instructions

This software is made to run on Windows XP or Windows 7.

You are about to download Cellwatch 4.0. Cellwatch 4.0 is a suite of software designed to help you manage your batteries. You are almost ready to download your installer. Please read the following before installing the software on your IBMU.

AFTER RUNNING THIS INSTALLER, CELLWATCH WILL CEASE TO OPERATE UNTIL YOU CALL AND ACTIVATE CELLWATCH 4.0.For this reason, ensure we are available (see below) before beginning the installation process.
Please ensure that you have received your Authentication Key from your purchase and that you are sitting in front of your iBMU before continuing.An Authentication Key is a unique key provided when you purchase the software and acts as your proof-of-purchase. Each software copy will have a unique Authentication Key.

Download & Install

Download the install file.
Run the Installer.

Cellwatch will cease to monitor your batteries at this point.

Call Us

Once this installer is run, the Cellwatch software must be activated.

Please promptly contact Technical Support with your Authentication Key and Registration Number to activate.

A Registration Number is a unique identifier provided by the Cellwatch software for activation on an IBMU. Each IBMU will have a unique Registration Number.

US +1.919.790.7877 ext. 1

Technical Support is available by phone from 8:30AM to 5PM Eastern Standard Time.
After-hours availability is possible with 48 hour notice.

Enter your Activation Number

With the above information NDSL can provide a Activation Number.
Enter this code when prompted to activate and register Cellwatch 4.0 on the iBMU.

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