Frontier Release

Frontier 3.1

Updated: 3/xx/15

Frontier 3.1 is the latest release for the Frontier unit. Please read the following before installing the software on your Frontier unit.

  • This is a free upgrade. 
  • The configuration file and alarm limits will NOT be changed during the upgrade. All data is preserved. 
Running this software update will require a restart of a currently scanning Frontier. All of the data will be preserved during the upgrade and the new version will automatically begin scanning following restart at the end of installation.

Download & Install Frontier 3.1

  • Download the upgrade install file.
  • Place the file on the PC used to connect to the Frontier.
  • Open the browser connection to the Frontier unit on your network.
  • Frontier will cease to monitor your batteries until the installation is completed. The upgrade procedure should only last a few minutes.
  • The device will prompt the user to restart.
  • Following the restart the Frontier unit will go back to scanning automatically.

Call Us

If you have any questions during the upgrade process please give us a call.US +1.919.790.7877 ext. 1
Technical Support is available by phone from 8:30AM to 5PM Eastern Standard Time.
After-hours availability is possible with 48 hour notice.

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