New Release – Cellwatch 4.1

We are excited to announce the availability of Cellwatch 4.1.

The feature-rich 4.1 software builds on a suite of existing functionality that outperforms the competition, particularly for large-scale data center environments where Cellwatch is easier to install and use, and simplifies the management of massive battery systems.

The enhancements in 4.1 provide additional protection and functionality to make it much easier to manage your battery systems.


Updates in Cellwatch 4.1 include:

Field-upgradable Enhanced Thermal Runaway Monitoring
String Voltage Alarms
Integrated Email Alert Alarm Notifications

Cellwatch 4.1 enhances the user experience for facility
managers at the world’s largest data centers, providing greater
confidence, peace of mind, and assurance of uptime.

Watch our Thermal Runaway Prevention video.


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