Data Graphing Enhancements

View the Data Graphing Enhancements Video

Multi Year History Graphing

  • Cellwatch provides easy access to the entire battery history to help you understand how the battery has performed over its lifetime.
  • You can select the date range, battery, string or cell within the history file to view available data and configure the graph for the
    selected configuration.

Dual Axis Plotting

  • You can simultaneously display two graphs to perform a single view comparative analysis.
  • Accurately determine battery health and identify the root cause of
    failures with ease.

Alarm Level Displays

Cellwatch displays alarm levels on the history graph.

  • Visualize how the battery is performing compared to its
    alarm levels.
  • Click through each cell one by one for a complete picture.
  • Analyze the data in more detail.

Null Data is Eliminated from Graphs

Only cells with valid discharge data in the discharge file will now be displayed in Cellwatch graphs — reducing the overall time it takes to set up and analyze discharge graphs.

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