Alarm Management & Reporting

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Alarm Setting Controls

Fast and easy alarm setting functions:

  • You can Reset All alarms at any time and Graph All alarms to display the alarm settings in a single click.
  • Use the Graph function to display custom alarm settings for each monitoring point.

Data Manager Application

The Data Manager Application stores all battery alarms and provides user controls so you can sort through to quickly identify issues, manage the alarms, and use the data to create a customized report and plan of action.

Filter by type, date and status of the alarm.

  • Date Filter – Select a date range for the alarms you want to view. The last 50 alarms will display if no dates are selected.
  • Type filter – Filter alarms by voltage, ohmic value, current and temperature.
  • Status Filter – Categorize alarms by active or acknowledged state.

Active alarms are shown in red until they end. As new alarms are generated the data manager will be updated.

Data Manager Reporting Feature

Create a report to keep a record of alarm issues and develop a plan of action.

  • Export alarm data as a .csv file.
  • Save the report to the iBMU, an external drive connected to the iBMU, or a network drive.


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