Beta Software


Receive beta versions of software currently in development.

This opportunity to be involved in NDSL’s newest software features comes with the expectation and understanding that these new features may or may not work at the time of download. The purpose of this offer is to get in touch with users who are interested in exploring and helping test the latest innovations for collecting and understanding battery data.

When we receive your contact information we will forward the link to download and install the specified piece of software. The purpose of the testing is to work in close contact with our end users and maintain an understanding of what features they like and any feedback they have on possible new features. Before signing up, please make sure that you are available for contact by email or phone for follow up.

Latest Cellwatch build – the latest version of Cellwatch introducing new features.

Cellwatch Central (Coming soon) – Manage your site of multiple iBMUs through one easy to use interface.

Support Submit – Collect and zip up Cellwatch files for back-up or submission to support with a simple script.

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